Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Responsible For Venue & Food?

We work with each client to determine the responsibilities. Most of the time it depends on the resources of the client and lapdog, inc. The responsibilities will be outlined in the final approved proposal.

What Is The Investment Cost?

The investment is different depending on the number of participants and the logistics of each program Contact us to discuss your exact needs.

What Makes Lapdog, Inc. Qualified To Work With My/Our Team?

We have worked with the largest publicly and privately held companies in the world, as well as small businesses in local communities. All of our facilitators have had real life experience working in the business world. Because of their experiences, they are excited about working with your team.

Who Are Your Facilitators?

Our facilitators come from all over the world. We use facilitators that are well seasoned in the consulting, development, and team building field. We take into consideration the demographics of the participants and strive to provide facilitators that are relevant to the group.

How Is Lapdog, Inc Different From Other Team Development Companies?

We believe our approach to development creates lasting value with all of our participants. Our well qualified and trained staff help make us extremely effective at facilitating an experience based on the clients needs and goals. Since inception, lapdog has been driven to make sure each client gets what they asked for and that the client receives these services at a great price. lapdog, inc. requires a 25% deposit pre-program and then invoices the organization the remaining 75% post-program. We only ask you to pay the remaining 75% if we delivered on the promises stated in the Proposal to your satisfaction.

Do You Provide Consulting Services?

Absolutely, we work with each client in a consulting role. Call the office to find out what lapdog, inc. can do for you.

What Is The Difference Between Team Development & Team Building?

How To Choose Business Consulting Services: Team Development Vs. Team Building

There are many different groups and teams within your organization and helping them function efficiently and effectively can be a daunting task. Working as part of a team can seem complicated, and at times, down right dramatic. If given the choice, most people would rather work alone rather than in the context of a team. However, when operating properly, teams can have a much larger positive impact on the organization. Whether you are looking for a process that can help get a team started in the right direction, or want to help an existing team become more efficient and maximize resources, lapdog, inc. can help.

Team Building Programs

We strive to customize a team development activity or team building event that is a perfect fit. We view team building as opportunities to focus on building morale, cultivating relationships, and having fun. We understand the importance of common or shared experiences, and our team building programs provide just that. Participants may not have experienced a desire to implement change or new behaviors into the mix, but that is what our Team Development programs are for. Team building programs help participants get to know each other, learn names, discover common interest, and more. Many times, team building events are the only time a team interacts with each other.

Team Development Programs

Our view of Team development is when team members have the opportunity to seek and implement change in their personal or professional life. A team or leadership development activity or program is designed to put participants in an environment that mimics their team’s work environment. Our trained facilitators use intentional activities, both mentally and/or physically, to help the participants find relevant and real-life connections between their insights gained during the Team Development initiative. Team development programs are inherently fun and exciting by design, but also focus on growth of the person and team. Team development works well for those teams who want to discover new ways to work together, implement change, discover their culture, and many more outcomes. Many times it takes the use of an outside observer or tool to critically analyze and discover the needs and areas of growth for a more effective team.

Teams develop and grow intentionally. Teams that perform well usually have a high sense of interdependence, in which one decision affects the entire team. Teams can be built and started through a series of team building events. However, teams develop through having opportunities to test, stretch, question, share, and work together.

The concept of experiential learning is centered on the principle that learning by doing coupled with reflection is the most effective and long-lasting means of transferring knowledge, developing skills, and clarifying values. Its focus is based more on learning styles, rather than the didactic presentation styles of the teacher or presenter.

How Should I Dress?

If participating in a team building or development program, dress so you can be physically active and comfortable. Always wear closed toed shoes (no heels or pumps). For Development Labs, the client usually determines the dress code.

Do You Travel To Business Locations?

Yes! From Atlanta to Beijing, all of lapdog’s services are portable. We understand the cost of travel time and lodging may not always fit into your budget, so we will be happy to travel to your place of business or alternative venue.

Do Most Of Your Services Take Place Outside?

Development Labs, assessments, profiles, and screening tools can take place at any venue. Team building and team development programs can be designed for an inside or outside venue. Fixed Challenge Course elements take place outside.

What Is The Ideal Group Size?

We work with groups that are anywhere from four to 500+ people and usually subdivide into smaller groups of 8-12 participants. For our assessment, profiles, and screening tools we usually work with a large variety of group sizes from three to 200+ people.

How Much Lead Time Do You Need To Book An Event?

We prefer at least one-month lead time, but we have been known to implement some programs the day after we receive the initial request. Give us a call and we will do our best to meet your specific needs.

What If Some Team Members Are Not Physically Fit Or Physical Limitations?

We can tailor our programs appropriate for your team’s level of fitness. During the design phase of our team building or development programs, we take into account limitations of the team members and plan accordingly. If physical limitations are unknown until the program starts, our highly trained facilitators will do their best to modify and work with the limitation.