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So what do professional facilitators do?

lapdog is comprised of professional facilitators who are all about team development. Whether we’re presenting a team building program to build morale or team development program that enhances interpersonal relationships, we always have an end goal in mind. Our professional facilitators create environments centered on your team’s needs, goals, and objectives that will leave a lasting impression.

At lapdog, our goal is to make your team better at what they do. Period. How do we do it? Our passionate team of professional team development and team building consultants asks probing questions to determine what you need to excel. We then develop a program that simulates real-life events to address both your defined needs and those beyond your immediate perception. This approach allows us to help you institute everyday changes that let your team operate at its best. Whether it is a one time initiative, or a long term team development program, we can provide all the services needed to enhance your team and organization.

Effectiveness of Team Development and Team Building Consultants

If you’re thinking: “that sounds great, but what kind of results can I really expect,” consider this: lapdog maintains a 5-star rating from our clients, which is considerable since some of the world’s top companies have utilized our professional facilitators to create and implement leadership, team, and corporate development initiatives.

Take a look at some of our sample programs, and then call us for a customized program for your organization. Our corporate development and team building programs promise to be innovative, creative, and inspiring for all participants.

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The lapdog Advantage

There are countless team and leadership development firms that boast the ability to boost morale or make your team more efficient. So how do you find the firm that will deliver concrete results instead of just empty promises? We encourage you to ask how a team building or leadership development firm adapts their programs to your unique situation. If the answer is they don’t, ask yourself how effective can the program be.

At lapdog, we believe there is no one size fits all answers to team building and team development. That’s why each of our programs begins with an evaluation to define your areas of need. We use an in-depth phone or in-person interview to determine not only what you see as your needs, but ask probing questions to determine any underlying needs. This allows us to then craft a program aimed at fulfilling your specific needs.

In some instances we may determine a more thorough PROFILE OR ASSESSMENT may be needed to truly get an understanding of what issues require attention in order for your team to operate more efficiently. In these cases, we will help you select which of our comprehensive products are most appropriate for your situation.

When you’re ready to bring your team together to operate more efficiently, contact the leadership development firm that tailors its programs to you – lapdog, inc.

Our group facilitators are what distinguish us from the competition, and they can do the same for you. We ensure this by carefully choosing a group facilitator with your company, program, and end goals in mind. Experience the lapdog difference for yourself. IDENTIFY. REFINE. SUCCEED.

Our History

shane sullards and Greg Peck have always shared the desire to help people be their best. In 2001, the pair decided to turn that passion into a mission when they founded lapdog, inc., a team development group. The team began by building challenge courses around the world and quickly transitioned into the ownership and operation of several challenge courses in the Northeast Georgia area. Since that time, lapdog has evolved with the times to lead and develop amazing, relevant and memorable team building programs. lapdog, inc. is absolutely driven by developing a wide range of creative team building and development opportunities.

The Evolution of lapdog

Since inception, lapdog has always formed strategic alliances with great properties to deliver a variety of team development and team building programs. CLICK HERE to see the properties we have chosen to partner with. The variety of lodging, meals, amenities, and locations all vary so take your time considering which might be best for you and your team. lapdog, inc. also travels the globe facilitating team building programs, so keep us in mind no matter your location!

In 2009, Greg decided to take leave from lapdog to pursue other opportunities. This change in the leadership team facilitated the advancement of shane to the single CEO and President. And as of 2023, shane remains a strong and visible presence within the organization. Also, as of 2023, our founder shane is available to facilitate exclusively for your team. We will provide more information on this new offering on the website very soon. Until then, please CONTACT US for more details.

Since 2001, lapdog has designed and facilitated thousands of team-development sessions. lapdog has the capacity to facilitate your team development session globally and has worked in the ‘strangest’ of venues. So give us a shot no matter your circumstance – let’s just see if we are a good fit for your team and if your team is a good fit for us!

Personal and team development is crucial to the success of companies around the world, and lapdog is proud to have had the opportunity to work with the world’s largest publicly and privately held companies, small businesses, and various civic organizations, churches, and schools. For more information on lapdog, and our capabilities, contact us

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