There are many different groups and teams within a company or organization. If given the choice, most people would rather work alone than in the context of a team – even though teams can have a much larger positive impact when operating properly. At lapdog, it’s our goal to help your team function efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation or the pastor at your church, the experts at lapdog can assist you in determining how to best utilize our community and corporate development services in order to get your team started in the right direction, or help them become more efficient.

Customized Approach to Corporate Training and Development

At lapdog, we believe that the world operates on personal relationships and are committed to providing the very best service to every client. Therefore, it is our goal to customize every program based on the client’s needs and goals. When you contact us for your customized corporate training and development program, here’s what will happen:

Phase 1

Contact lapdog at 770.240.1012 or through E-MAIL – info@migrate.lapdoginc.com. One of our facilitators will respond promptly to answer any immediate questions and check availability. At this time, we will set up a time to conduct a no obligation Needs Assessment, which may be completed by phone or in person.

Phase 2:

Following your thorough Needs Assessment, lapdog will design a customized program for you. Your program proposal will include: A binding contract that if agreed upon, will need to be signed and returned to lapdog, inc.* Overview of the information gathered by lapdog, inc. in the Needs Assessment interview Overview of the interested party’s company, lapdog, incorporated, and the relationship between the two parties

  • The goals for the program
  • The roles both parties assume for the program and the process
  • Total investment for the program.

Phase 3:

Once your signed proposal has been received by lapdog, we will secure your program reservation. Signed proposals may be returned via e-mail (PDF), fax, or standard mail to the following:

lapdog, incorporated

P.O. Box 7297 Chestnut Mountain,

Georgia 30502 Fax: (678) 828-5880


Once we receive your signed proposal, a lapdog representative will contact you and the fun and development will commence. 

* Note: The authorizing agent of the interested party will review the Proposal and either sign it as it is or discuss with lapdog, inc. to clarify and possibly amend the Proposal. If any changes are made, lapdog, inc. will then resend the amended Proposal for approval. This process will continue until both lapdog, inc. and the interested party have reached an agreement of terms.

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